Maximizing innovation and industry-leading technology

Our industry-leading surveying technology and innovative data collection methods are ideally placed to help the construction and civil engineering industries to monitor their projects.

Specialist vertical and oblique camera systems mounted on purpose designed survey aircraft let us create extremely detailed, highly accurate 3D models of the environment.

Capturing high-resolution images and LiDAR data from manned aircraft makes commercial sense for projects of all sizes, especially when compared to UAVs (drones) or other traditional practices.

Our aircraft can survey multiple sites (including remote or inaccessible areas) across hundreds of miles in a single day, allowing us to provide a snapshot of an entire group of projects from a single survey. This single source of data can reduce carbon footprints and health and safety risks by lessening the number of ‘boots-on-the-ground’. It can have time benefits too, removing delays caused by land ownership or access negotiations.

Survey once, use again and again

There are many outputs for one single survey. For example, capturing aerial data at 2cm (GSD) can not only provide images at unparalleled scale and resolution but allows us to extract detailed, accurate topographic information about the surveyed landscape which, when combined with the latest 3D modelling technology, can create photo-realistic, fully interactive 3D models of the project.

When used in combination, the datasets provide powerful tools for:

  • Pre- and post-commencement condition assessments
  • Route optimisation, line of sight and shadow mapping analyses
  • Environmental assessments
  • Topographic mapping outputs (with CAD-ready outputs)
  • Construction phase monitoring and earthworks calculations
  • Visualizations to support and stakeholder engagement
  • Virtual site visits
  • Vegetation encroachment and strike risk analyses
  • Health and Safety site assessment

Enhanced visualizations with immersive VR experience

Our 3D ‘reality’ models are fully interactive, allowing the user to zoom, pan and fly around the model, and providing a unique perspective on the surveyed area of interest. The aerial survey data is brought to life in a web-based environment, which is accessible by multiple stakeholders at any given time.

Utilizing the latest Bentley Systems software, we can place project designs into the landscape showing how a final development will look in the context of the real-world environment: perfect for planning and public consultation.

Underpinned by high-quality, reliable topographic data, the models are created using ultra-high-resolution imagery. They give engineers, ecologists, asset managers the ability to make accurate ‘on-the-fly’ measurements of distance, height, slope and volume.

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