Littlehampton from the air

Working with Climate Impact Partners, we are delighted to announce that we have now offset all of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, totalling 1,376 tonnes.

Scope 3 is a category not all carbon neutral commitments cover, and includes all of our aerial surveys, homeworking, employee commuting, hotel stays, and capital goods. For more information on APEM carbon footprint please see our ESG Impact Report.

We have chosen to offset from the Global Renewable Energy Portfolio, supporting renewable energy projects that are vital to tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building sustainable infrastructure.

There is a growing global demand for energy, and renewable energy is a vital component in combatting climate change. Our emissions offsets are delivering ‘carbon finance’: essential funds to support the development of global renewable projects and take climate action.

The projects in the Global Renewable Energy Portfolio deliver other benefits, adding affordable and clean energy to the global energy mix, and contributing to the local economy through the creation of jobs in planning and construction, ongoing maintenance and operations.


APEM are proud to be a certified CarbonNeutral® company

Kirsty Strannigan, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director, APEM commented:

It’s important to take accountability for all our carbon emissions, whether they are direct or indirect. Our CarbonNeutral® company certification is great because it shows our commitment to offsetting more than what is required by the GHG Protocol. Aerial digital surveys contribute to a significant proportion of our overall emissions and we have decided to go even further and account for the wider impacts of aviation on the climate whilst we explore further opportunities to reduce these emissions.

In our work at APEM, we support the renewables industry with a wide range of services, from aerial surveys to seabird and mammal modelling, and fish rescue and terrestrial ecology services. We are delighted that our carbon credit purchases are supporting the development of sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure

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