Aerial surveys for housing and infrastructure

The supply of homes for sale is reaching a record low, with newly-built homes at a premium. But before any building and infrastructure works begin, housebuilders and developers need to understand their effect on the environment.

To support new housing and infrastructure schemes, APEM Inc offer a full package of remote sensing services. From assessing the land, through to planning and beyond, we help our clients understand and address the environmental impact of their projects.

Our unique blend of environmental consulting, industry-leading remote sensing services gives us a unique viewpoint of housing and infrastructure development. With specialist experience and an extensive geospatial toolset, we help our clients deliver projects without falling foul of restrictions.

From habitat and arboriculture surveys and planning, through mitigation and assessment, our ecologists and consultants are with our clients every step of the way.

Our specialists provide ultra-high-resolution 3D data that can be combined with on-the-ground terrestrial and aquatic ecological consultancy and field support. We also provide ongoing construction phase monitoring and advice.

Our services for the development of housing and infrastructure include:

  • Archaeology (identifying sites of interest)
  • 3D photorealistic models (early or restricted site access, virtual site visits)
  • Visualizations and stakeholder engagement
  • CAD, topographical and route proving
  • Precondition record
  • Construction phase monitoring
  • Post-construction record
  • Maintenance (potholes, condition, vegetation encroachment)

To find out how we can help you deliver your housing and infrastructure project, get in touch.

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