Solutions for highway infrastructure

A wide range of remote sensing services in support of highways enhancement, ongoing maintenance and new infrastructure schemes.

The highway system is the backbone of the transport network. Highways are constantly evolving, through the development of new infrastructure projects, as well as ongoing improvements and maintenance. APEM Inc’s specialist experience and extensive geospatial toolset for supporting development can help developers understand their impact on the environment.

With a unique combination of environmental consulting and state-of-the-art remote sensing services, APEM Inc help our clients to understand and, consequently, protect the local and wider environment. Our specialists provide ultra-high-resolution 3D data to complement on-the-ground terrestrial and aquatic ecological consultancy and field support. We provide ongoing construction phase monitoring and advice including support of building information management (BIM).

3D virtual reality video flyovers

Our services for construction and maintenance of highways infrastructure include:

  • Environmental assessments (including habitat, arboriculture, biosecurity baselines etc)
  • Archaeology (identifying sites of interest)
  • 3D photorealistic models (early or restricted site access, virtual site visits)
  • Visualizations and stakeholder engagement
  • CAD, topographical and route proving
  • Precondition record
  • Construction phase monitoring
  • Post-construction record
  • Maintenance (potholes, condition, vegetation encroachment)

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