APEM Inc’s Airborne Sensor Operator, Andrew Watterson

Andrew Watterson

APEM Inc are excited to welcome Andrew Watterson, our new airborne sensor operator to the team. Andrew will be utilizing his skills from the military to strengthen our digital aerial survey capability in the United States.

Andrew will be transitioning to APEM Inc from twelve years of military experience in the United States Marine Corps. While serving in the military he progressed to the rank of E-6 (Staff Sergeant) holding the billet of Special Operations Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC). While serving in the military as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Andrew had multiple combat deployments, meticulously planning with other external agencies providing all necessary products and documents, successfully executing countless combat operations.

He began to feel stagnant and wanted to continue to grow both for his family and personally too. Shortly after ending his time with the USMC, Andrew came across the vacancy for an airborne sensor operator at APEM Inc.


Andrew said:

I got extremely excited for the potential opportunity to use my military experience for the good of society and the environment. After the interview process with APEM Inc I became even more excited because I saw how strong the leadership within the company is, the passion for what they do, all while caring for the well-being of their employees. I am greatly looking forward to my future with APEM Inc providing a better, cleaner and renewable world one survey at a time.

Andrew will be utilizing our in-house developed camera system with the hope of expanding the use of LiDAR into APEM Inc’s US-based digital aerial surveys in the future. His day-to-day will consist of actively preparing for each aerial survey by making sure travel routes are in order, the weather is suitable, the pilot is scheduled, and the aircraft is prepped whilst also making sure the onboard camera system is operational and calibrated.

Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey


It is an exciting time for Andrew to be involved in digital aerial survey projects. With the outcome of the recent New York Bight lease auctions, we are hoping to take to the skies shortly. With further lease auctions planned on both the east and west coast, the US is flying high with its commitment to renewable energy sources.

Andrew Gosney, geospatial sector head at APEM Group, said:

I am excited to welcome Andrew to the team as he bolsters our digital aerial survey capability in the United States. The addition of Andrew reinforces our commitment to bring even more expertise in aerial survey data capture and processing to the US market. This builds on the success and growth of APEM in servicing clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We’re excited to have Andrew on board at APEM Inc.

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