This year we received over 140 entries, ranging from shots of the UK’s beautiful shores to those of New Zealand’s most elusive species.

To choose the ultimate winner of the internal competition, staff across the APEM Group voted for their favorite photos for each month of 2022, leaving 12 monthly winners. But the final decision of the overall 2022 picture of the year was made by Barry Wilkinson, Video Producer at Go Live Group.

This is what he had to say:

After shooting a few films for APEM, learning about the business, and getting to go out on location with some of the team over the last few years, I’m thrilled to have been asked to judge the photography competition. Being a filmmaker, the shoots I do with APEM are always visually engaging and adventurous; from going up in a plane over an offshore wind farm to wading through the Mersey (and going out on the litter boat!). Looking at the monthly winning photos it’s amazing to see the deep connection that the APEM team has with nature, as well as an obvious passion for photography. Any of the images could have won for me and I’d love to see more work from the photographers next year!

The 2022 Picture of the Year Winner is…

APEM Inc POTY 2022 winner

The winner is Seal by Edward Rickard, Senior Marine Fisheries Consultant – congratulations Edward!

Barry’s thoughts on the photo:

It was a challenge to choose just one image from such a strong series of photos. There was such an incredible, diverse set of subjects; from candid animal portraits to dramatic landscapes and everything in between, but at the end of the day this one image stood out to me the most. As a filmmaker, I’m always looking for the stories told within photographs as well as the technical aspects of an image. With this photo you really do feel a connection with the seal; it’s an expertly captured moment of interaction between the photographer and nature. As a photograph, it’s very atmospheric, well composed and the exposure is on point – all of this is topped off with the ‘cheeky’ curiosity of the seal connecting with the viewer. Well done!

Monthly winners

All our monthly winners will be featured across our marketing and social media channels throughout 2023 and are as follows:


APEM Inc POTY January winner

South Orkney Islands, Cape Petrels by Casey De Geir, Senior Marine Wildlife Survey Consultant


APEM Inc POTY 2022 Feb winner

Antarctica, Coronation Island, Humpback Whale by Casey De Geir, Senior Marine Wildlife Survey Consultant


APEM Inc 2022 POTY winner March

Brecon Beacons Waterfall by Lorna Rowe, Principal Terrestrial Ecologist


APEM Inc 2022 POTY April winner

Cape Starling by Miriam Carless, Marine Wildlife Analyst


APEM Inc 2022 POTY winner May

Sperm Whale by Ben Jones, GoBe Marine Consultant


APEM Inc - 2022 POTY June winner

Gannet by Billy Gardener, Ornithology Consultant


APEM Inc 2022 POTY July winner

Green Hairstreak by Ben Jones, GoBe Marine Consultant


APEM Inc 2022 POTY August winner

Emperor Moth Caterpillar, County Roscommon by Philip Doddy, Senior Terrestrial Ecologist


APEM Inc 2022 POTY September winner

New Zealand Fur Seal by Ben Jones, GoBe Marine Consultant


APEM Inc - 2022 POTY October winner

Cadover Bridge Dartmoor by Ben Jones, GoBe Marine Consultant


APEM Inc 2022 POTY November winner

Salvin’s Albatross by Ben Jones, GoBe Marine Consultant


APEM Inc 2022 POTY winner

Seal by Edward Rickard, Senior Marine Fisheries Consultant

Well done to everyone who won in 2022! We look to sharing more award-winning photography with you throughout 2023 and beyond.

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