Mapping habitats with innovative techniques

Our specialists use state-of-the-art cameras mounted on specialist survey aircraft to gather ultra-high resolution images. The images are then valuated by our experienced in-house analysts, to produce detailed maps of habitats on land, along coasts, and in rivers.

Aerial surveys and mapping terrestrial habitats

Terrestrial habitats can be difficult to survey, due to size and accessibility. Aerial surveys and satellite data are the ideal solution, allowing quick and efficient data collection and instant access to land that’s hard to reach or private.

Mapping river habitats using aerial surveys

Our scientists have developed bespoke software that is specifically designed to derive riverine habitats, automatically classifying important habitats such as salmonid spawning and juvenile habitats. The software also uses aerial imagery to produce bathymetric maps of the river and maps showing sediment grain size distribution, allowing precise and auditable statistical data to be extracted from the imagery.

This type of mapping is often used for low flow studies or as part of environmental impact investigations.

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