Clean water is our most precious resource. As demand for clean water increases, the industry faces many challenges. To help, APEM has developed remote sensing tools based on our visible light and near infrared thermal sensors to detect leaks, pollution, and changes to land uses.

Asset management

  • Heat loss assessments
  • Leak detection
  • Sewer network mapping
  • Wastewater treatment facility efficiency assessment
  • Pipe route mapping

Watershed Management

  • Watershed nutrient and pollution assessments
  • Identification of overland flow pathways
  • Identification of river, coastal and lake pollution

New Infrastructure

  • Terrain and topographic analysis for new pipe routes
  • Rapid ecological assessments for early identification of planning and construction issues
  • Monitoring of construction projects
  • Modeling of visual and environmental impacts of new developments

Environmental Studies

  • Thermal discharge and plume mapping
  • River habitat surveys
  • Exotic species mapping
  • Terrestrial and coastal habitat assessments