The transportation industry has been one of the primary users of remotely sensed data and aerial surveys, relying on it for large scale planning and siting of roads, railroads, and airports. APEM’s cost effective surveys collect high resolution data with levels of detail only available in the last few years, allowing greater precision for engineering and asset monitoring. Some of the transportation services that APEM offers are:


  • Construction monitoring
  • Stockpile volume assessments
  • Right of way encroachment detection
  • Terrain and topographic analysis for new construction projects
  • 3D modeling and reality meshes
  • Volume and fill assessments
  • Vegetation encroachment assessments


  • Vegetation assessments
  • Wildlife and exotic species mapping
  • Asset inspections
  • Siting
  • 3D modeling and reality meshes


  • Runway and taxiway condition monitoring
  • Rapid topographic surveys to minimize disruption
  • 3D modeling and reality meshes
  • Wetland and habitat mapping